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Expanded narrative is a new field of experimental narrative practices that are not represented by single subjects or by categories such as ‘interactive’. Fiction or nonfiction works that present a challenge to their particular category or genre, in terms of structure, style of writing or audience engagement, may be described as expanded narratives.

Expanded Narrative.org is an online resource for practitioners, educators and researchers.

Expanded Narrative – videos, offers an evolving directory of interviews that discuss work, approaches and methods with practitioners and experts in the field. Links are provided to examples of work, related information and articles. The resources are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Expanded Narrative – News, highlights forthcoming international conferences and events and offers reviews of recent publications and events.

This website is associated with the Expanded Narrative Research Network based at Plymouth University. The group explores the multidisciplinary field of interactive narrative that reconfigures the form and expands the experience of storytelling. The reader relocated, becomes a player, co-author or participant. How do we design, develop and experience participatory theatre, on-street and mobile games, flash fiction, locative virtual environments and works yet to be defined? This multidisciplinary group, with an international membership, has two key aims: to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration between practitioners from the arts, academia and the cultural sector; and to facilitate collaborative multidisciplinary projects with students across institutions. Please contact Emma Whittaker for further information.

This resource was supported by a Plymouth University, UK, Teaching Fellowship 2011/12.