The Letters app transforms your phone into a LociOscope, a unique sensory aid that enhances your perception, allowing you to tune into the past. The LociOscope works by amplifying the emotional resonance found in specific locations.

This edition of The Letters has been calibrated to detect the imprints left by a collection of travel correspondence written between Dorothy Whitney Straight and Leonard Elmhirst. Transported to 1925, discover their seven international locations including, London, Rome, San Francisco and a snowy Yosemite National Park. Wear headphones for this 3D experience.

The onscreen map integrates the physical environment with the storyworld and shows the participant’s position. Participants adjust their movements to discover fragments of the story, via the voices heard within the seven virtual locations. Binaural audio simulates the position of sound sources in 3D space surrounding the listener. Consumer headphones allow ambient sounds occurring in the real world location to seep into the recorded audio creating the potential for perceptual illusions and cross-modal interactions between sound, vision and movement, resulting in an immersive sense of presence.

Design and developed by Emma Whittaker in collaboration with James Brocklehurst

Supported by Research at Plymouth University and UPEL and in kind collaboration with Dartington Hall Trust

Download The Letters here:


Join us for The Letters launch on 22 June 2014 at the Tagore Festival at Dartington Hall Gardens. Read more about the festival here:


Read more about the The Letters design process here:


Read more about The Letters here:






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