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Project No.9 Participative mixed reality gaming


Investigate emergent behaviours in mixed/augmented reality participative games, resulting from the design and development of stochastic multi-stable rules.

There is much current interest in mixed or augmented reality gaming, which highlights the emergence of new patterns of behaviour associated with the use of mobile devices. These participative games with simple rules are often played by many participants and provide a platform which will allow us to examine emergent behaviours in individual and group decision making. A key research question focuses on how to design ‘local’ gaming rules that give rise to a gaming outcome that is interesting yet coherent, and also generates unpredictable or novel emergent social collective properties not anticipated in advance. Mixed reality, location-based experiences are characterised by a transition between immersive and non-immersive states, which may be characteristic of inherent multi-stability in human cognition.

This project will investigate aspects of stability and indeterminacy within mixed/augmented reality participative games by designing and developing gaming ideas and environments with stochastic multi-stable rules.

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Planned secondments:

Kin Research and Design, UK (6 months: Conceptual designs for the gaming app)


Essential skills: The ideal candidate will have a background in Art/Design/Music Technology with excellent programming skills in at least one object oriented programming language (C++/ Objective C) and experience in game design and/ or interactive art and technology projects.

Desirable skills: An interest in modelling complex systems.

Qualifications: Honours first degree (minimum upper second) or equivalent in Digital Art and Technology, Architecture, Design, Computer Science, Media Art or related fields. Candidates who also have a Master’s degree in these fields are especially desirable.


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